Universal Multi-Fit 12 Volt Maintenance Free U1, 320 CCA Battery Non-Genuine

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Universal Multi-Fit 12 Volt Maintenance Free U1, 320 CCA Battery Non-Genuine

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Length: 7 3/4", 197 mm
Width: 5 1/8", 130 mm
Height: 6.69" (overall height), 6.26", (from bottom of battery to centre of the terminal holes), 170 mm (overall height),
159 mm (from bottom of battery to centre of the terminal holes)
Nett Weight: 6.6 kg
Battery Type: BCI Group Size = U1, 12 Volt PROKUT Maintenance Free Battery, Weight 6.6 kg, Offset lug terminals.
BCI group size is based on physical size and terminal placement. It is not a measurement of battery capacity.
Cold Cranking Amperage: 320 CCA


  • AGM Technology: Absorbent glass matt separator - makes the battery spill proof.
  • These batteries will not leak in transit if inverted.
  • Cast on Strap: Plate groups are welded; to ensure the stability of products.
  • High Impact Case and Cover: Assures reserve electrolyte capacity, also to protect against leakage and corrosion.
  • Special Grid Design: Withstands severe vibration, assures maximum conductivity.
  • Valve Regulated Design: Eliminates water loss.
  • Safety Valve: Relieves excess pressure.
  • Sealed Terminal Post: Prevents acid leakage, reduces corrosion; extends battery life.
  • Special Active Material: Plates use special active materials to prolong battery life and dependability.
  • PROKUT batteries feature low self discharge.
  • PROKUT batteries charge up to 5 times faster.
  • PROKUT batteries have the ability to deep cycle.
  • PROKUT batteries are lighter.
  • PROKUT batteries are individually boxed.
  • BCI Group Size: U1 (with the positive terminal on the left hand side when the terminals are facing you).
  • Offset lug terminals.
  • CCA Rating: High Cold Cranking Ampere performance (320 CCA).
  • 12 Month free replacement warranty (upon proof of purchase).
  • Fits a wide selection of ride-on lawn mower and zero turn radius ride-ons and other outdoor power equipment fitment applications.


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