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TOL7979: Pferd 13/64" (5.2 mm) Chain Sharp CS-X Chainsaw Chain Sharpener

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The CHAIN SHARP CS-X chainsaw sharpener is excellent for accurate manual sharpening of chainsaw chains. Both the saw tooth and the depth gauge are easily and accurately sharpened in one action. This sharpener features two round files and a depth gauge file all set in a fool-proof filing jig. The files feature a sharpening angle of 30° and the depth gauge file is set at 0.25" (0.65 mm). Simply change from left to right cutter tooth by turning the sharpener over.
Suitable for use on Stihl 3/8" pitch chainsaw chains.

Kit Consists Of:
• One sharpening holder.
• One depth gauge file.
• Two 13/64" (5.2 mm) chainsaw files.

Features And Benefits:
• Saw tooth and depth gauge are sharpened in one action.
• No time-consuming conversion, change from left to right tooth by turning the device over.
• Optimised shape for precise control.
• Files are replaced easily due to clever design.
• Correct installation of the files is always guaranteed.
• Symbols for saw, saw tooth and arrows for the file direction are marked on the tool and explain how to use the tool.
• Extensive operating instructions are included in a transparent reusable plastic pocket to protect against damage and dirt, and are all visible to the operator from the outside.
Replaces OEM: 11098051
Standard Pack 1
For replacement square depth gauge file use our TOL8000.


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