Bar Maintenance


How to Maintain Your Chainsaw Bar

Bar maintenance is vital for increased bar and chain life. This how-to video runs through the fundamental steps of how to keep your Prokut bar in top condition for maximum life-span and ease of use.

Chainsaw Bars

Bars are what hold your chainsaw chain in place. They have channels along the length of them that oil is pumped into to keep it lubricated and working smoothly. It is important to keep your bar in good condition to ensure you get a clean cut each time. 

How to maintain your chainsaw bar 

Take off the bar 

Ensure that you take off your bar from time to time and use a device such as a groove cleaner to keep the channel clean. These devices have a built in oil hole cleaner and a bar guide scraper. Use the device to get rid of any oil build up and any sawdust residue stuck in the bar. Once it is clear, this means oil can pass through the hole and into the channel much more easily, keeping your bar in better condition for longer. 

File your bar 

Filing your chainsaw bar is vital to helping prolong its lifespan. Clamp your bar using a vice and file along the bar. Remember to use gloves while doing this as the bar can be super sharp. Keeping your bar filed and sharp is important as cutting with a dull bar can lead to higher fuel usage and excessive wear on your chainsaw. 

Grease bar sprockets 

At the front of your bar, there is a sprocket which requires greasing. Special grease tools can be used to pump grease into the bar and ensure lubrication is there for the roller bearings of the sprocket. Make sure your bar is lubed correctly each time you use the saw for maximum efficiency. 

Have questions? 

If you have any questions about maintaining your chainsaw bar, don’t hesitate to reach out to our ProKut team! Check out our website for more information on the range and get your hands on one of our bar and chain combos today!

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