All About PROKUT™ Premium Bar & Chain Oil

Premium Bar and Chain Oil that won't let you down!

PROKUT™ oil contains a tacifier, making it low sling. This helps the oil cling to the bar and chain, ensuring longer life and better performance. Saving you time and money!

PROKUT™ premium Bar & Chain Oil has been specially formulated by GA Forestry Accessories to conform to the exacting standards demanded by forestry professionals. It contains special additives to help it cling to the bar and chain and resist fling off, giving your equipment ultimate lubrication where it is needed the most.

PROKUT™ Premium Bar & Chain Oil has enhanced properties in extreme pressure situations giving superior performance and extended life to chainsaw chain, guide bars and sprockets. It also contains surface wetting agents that displace
moisture from sappy timbers giving your equipment the best protection available 24/7.

PROKUT™ Premium Bar & Chain Oil is the perfect choice for forestry professionals and occasional users alike who need a competitively priced product without compromising on quality.


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