Grinding Wheel Dressing Block

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GAF90110 - Grinders

GAF90110: Grinding Wheel Dressing Block

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For dressing and shaping grinding wheels GAF32659, GAF32660, GAF32661, GAF32662, GAF91186, GAF91174 and GAF106549. Use in conjunction with our GAF1112-001 ERS Gauge.
Standard Pack 1

**Please Note: Diamond wheels designed for sharpening tungsten chainsaw chain only. Not for use on standard chain and doing so will destroy the wheel and void warranty.

Warning - Breathing protection must be worn when sharpening tungsten chain.

Tips for correct use -
It is important to treat diamond grinding wheels differently to bonded wheels, the wheels can not be forced to grind, the operator must allow the wheel to cut on its own. Excessive force, abrupt grinding or worn spindle bearings or flanges will contribute to premature wear.


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