LUB6001 PROKUT™ Semi-Synthetic Ash Free 2-Stroke Oil - 1 Litre Chamber Pack Bottle

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LUB6005S - 2-Stroke Oil

LUB6005S: 1 Litre PROKUT™ Semi-Synthetic Ash Free 2-Stroke Oil - Chamber Pack Bottle

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Convenient 1 Litre chamber pack bottle. Suitable for direct oil injection and premix systems.
Easy mix for high powered air cooled 2-stroke engines when mixed at the engine manufacturers appropriate fuel oil mix ratio.
A handy fuel mixing ratio chart is printed on the rear label.
Includes a fuel stabiliser for longer lasting mixed fuel.
Ash free for superior piston cleanliness.
Minimises spark plug and engine deposits.
Dyed light blue.
Standard Pack 1 (Box quantity 12)
Please Note: Always refer to the equipment manufacturers manual for the correct oil specification to suit your equipment.


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